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The analyses are carried out within 15 working days after the samples and purchase order reception. These deadlines may be reduced, subject to an additional cost and after acceptation by UT2A.

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Bioavailability and physiological traceability analysis

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Food products

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Chemical analysis for industrial processes optimization

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Pharmaceutics, health and cosmetic

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Trace and ultra-trace levels elements analysis in environmental samples

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Our added value

Custom analysis

Depending on the nature of your samples, the amount of material available or the element investigated, we adjust our protocols. Don’t hesitate to contact our experts depending on your problem.

Detection limits

Our detection limits are evaluated daily for each sample. An optimization of the method can be performed upon request to reach a detection limit as low as possible.

Data interpretation

Our experts are available to interpret data, to modify the protocols if necessary, to write the study reports, etc… Don’t hesitate to contact us for any specific inquiry.

  • Bon contact téléphonique, flexibilité, bonne compréhension de la problématique posée, expertise

  • Prestation de très bonne qualité en terme de délais et rendus de résultats, pertinence scientifique des intervenants

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