Trace and ultra-trace levels elements analysis in environmental samples

The monitoring of the environment has become a crucial issue and is subject to more and more important attention. It is a wide range which includes samples of different matrices (water, air, soil, sediment, biological tissues, etc…)

Metals are harmful compounds for living organisms at very low levels. In addition to the determination of their total content, knowing their chemical forms (speciation) allows the evaluation of their real toxicity.

In addition of cutting-edge equipment, the representation of the sample must be guaranteed during sampling, preparation and analysis. Behind these concepts, it is a complete expertise that benefits the development of analyses adapted to various matrices.

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Monitoring the quality of the surrounding and pollution sources :

  • Contaminants research in water, soil, sediment and biotope samples
  • Monitoring of industrial discharges (air, particles, industrial waters, leachates)
  • Specific on-site sampling (environment/industry)
  • Interpretation, valorization and scientific data popularization
  • Expertise, consulting and specific analytical solutions

Examples of works accomplished

  • Metals analysis at levels in the range of ng/L in natural waters according to the framework directive on water
  • Development of metals speciation analysis
  • Interactions of metallic contaminants with environmental colloids and nanoparticles
  • Physic-chemical and inorganic characterization of samples (anions and major elements analysis)

Analytical devices