Speciation analysis

It is now well known that the toxicity, bioavailability and mobility of an element are closely related to its chemical form. This concept is crucial for environmental diagnosis and is strategic in food and health industry for the evaluation of benefits/risks assessments.

Speciation is one of the specialities of UT2A which has more than 15 years’ experience in analytical methods related to this information. This expertise is now recognized by numerous industrial, public organisms and analytical laboratories (subcontracting).

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  • Characterization of As, Se, Cr, Sn, Hg, Co, I, Sb, etc… chemical forms by hyphenated methods LC – ICP MS and GC – ICP MS
  • Development of compounds and/or samples specific analytical methods
  • Identification of biomolecules by molecular mass spectrometry (LC – ESI MS/MS, Orbitrap, etc…)
  • Participation in European projects on speciation (speciation 21, EVISA)
  • Evaluation of the bioavailability and bioaccessibility of elements in food products
  • Evaluation of the mobility of elements in soils and sediments
  • Bibliographic studies

Examples of works accomplished

  • Hexavalent chromium analysis in any types of matrix (metal coatings, workplace atmosphere, food products, pharmaceutical products, manufactured products (cement, toys, paints, cosmetics, etc…))
  • Selenium speciation in feed additives for animals and biological fluids and tissues
  • Arsenic speciation in environmental samples (water, soil/sediments, vegetation), food products (rice, wine, fishery products) and biological fluids (blood and urine)

  • Mercury speciation in environmental samples (waters, soil/sediments), food products (fish tissues) and biological fluids (blood, breast milk, urine)
  • Antimony and platinum speciation in active principles
  • Alkyl tin analysis in plastic materials, water with a sensitivity in compliance with the framework directive on water, marine sediments, oyster and fish tissues and urine

Analytical devices




UT2A est une laboratoire de l'analyse chimique spécialisé dans la spéciation de métaux. Nous offrons ainsi des prestations de spéciation de l'arsenic, de l'antimoine, du chrome, du cobalt, ainsi que des services de spéciation de l'iode, de l'étain, du manganèse, du mercure, du molybdène, et la spéciation du sélénium, du souffre et du vanadium.