Analysis accessible via the UPPA platform

By means of a privileged partnership with IPREM (UMR CNRS/UPPA 5254), UT2A has open unparalleled access to a European analytical platform.

Whatever you need, we can help you to select the most appropriate technique. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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  • IPREM is the achievement of a synergy and a history of research in environment and materials. It combines 4 research teams whose skills are built around fundamental disciplines involving analytical chemistry, physical chemistry, theoretical chemistry, polymer physics, chemistry and microbiology.

Examples of works accomplished

  • Metals characterization by LA – ICP MS in catalysts used in the automotive industry
  • Particulates characterization by LA – ICP MS in a pharmaceutical active principle
  • Determination of the geographic origin of cereals by measuring the isotopic ratios (MC ICP MS)

  • Determination of the molecular structure of an active principle in a pharmaceutical product by DART – Orbitrap
  • Characterization of the metal coatings by XPS to create new protective coatings

Moyens analytiques

Analytical devices

Orbitrap and ESI QqQ MS/MS


Nanosonde Auger



Ablation Laser