Détecter et mesurer les traces de métaux

    UT2A est un laboratoire spécialisé dans l'analyse et le dosage des métaux à l'état de traces et ultra-traces :
    métaux lourds, nanoparticules, composés organiques volatils, ...

UT2A : technical center in chemical analysis

From the service to the custom analysis

Specialized in the analysis of trace and ultra-trace elements, UT2A supports you with its expertise and its flexibility in all your industrial or research projects.

 UT2A’s service offer is available in three main activities: routine analysis service, case study contracts (activity of analytical development, feasibility study, technical expertise or bibliographic synthesis) and consulting and training on specific techniques used for trace and speciation analysis.

 Whether it is for a simple service or a more complex study, we have a solution for you. Contacts us !


UT2A has implemented since 2010 a quality environment based on the Good Laboratory and Manufacturing Practices (GLP/GMP). The GMP being a quality system applicable to all the areas, they have been implemented within UT2A by various concrete actions such as the writing of a quality assurance manual, the samples, analysis and results traceability, and the metrological control of the laboratory material.

Since 2010, UT2A has been regularly audited by different companies. These audits allow UT2A to work according to an effective quality system through continuous improvement.

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Expertise and consulting

The laboratory has world-wide recognized knowledge for the determination of the metals and metalloids analysis at the trace and ultra-trace level, the determination of the chemical forms of the elements (speciation), the biomolecules and nanoparticules characterization, the understanding of chemical mechanisms of industrial processes and the analysis of volatile organic compounds.

The UT2A team offers advice and concrete solutions to the analytical problems faced by our customers. This high level of expertise and specialization also ensures that the customer is in direct contact with the right person.

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Custom analysis

Through its expertise, UT2A offers its customers a service of method development adapted to traces, speciation, nanoparticles or volatile organic compounds’ analysis in complex samples.

Our specialists, attentive to your problem, will find innovative solutions to all the analytical challenges or to all industrial processes monitoring.

The analytical methods developed are validated taking into account your requirements.

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