UT2A - Ultra Traces Analyses Aquitaine



UT2A participates to the Nanopilot project.

The project aims to build a pilot plant dedicated to the production of polymers based nanopharmaceuticals in compliance sith GMP. The size of the plant aims to be very small, with three systems to be produced at the end of th eproject. Continuous flow microreactors will be employed for two of the nanopharmaceuticals to be manufacturated.

UT2A is responsible of  the development of analytical approaches for the physicochemical characterizationof nanopharmaceuticals and the implementation of GMP/GLP.

The project, a 4-year period, is coordinated by the research center IK4-Cidetec (ES). The consortium is made up of two universities (National University of Ireland, Galway (IE), Universidad de Santiago de Compostela (ES)), two industrials (Sylentis (ES) and Chemtrix (NL)) and three SMEs (iX-Factory (DE), Mejoran (ES) and Spinverse (FI)).

added value

Level of expertise

Consisted of 5 Doctors of Science, two assistant-engineers and two technicians, UT2A offers a level of expertise.


Human-sized company, our staff is at your disposal to deal with your requet by an immediate response.

Data interpretation

Beyond the analysis, we are able to interprete the data in your context to seek usefull informations: effective toxicity (speciation), bioavailability...



UT2A participates to the INTERREG ORQUE-SUDOE project.

Our missions

  • Contributing the companies effectiveness
  • Sharing our experiences while respecting priorities (deadlines, confidentiality, performances)
  • becoming a priviledged interface between industry and research